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Meta Tags may seem obsolete to some Internet marketers and webmasters, but they do still have the ability to bring swift and positive change when employed correctly as part of any SEO strategy. The key to success is using them properly, honestly, and with good attributes.

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Meta tags are strings of HTML code in web sites that give information about that web site. They describe it using tags, or keywords. Primarily, they are used to tell search engine crawlers what the web site is about, so that it can be included in relevant search results. Meta tags are found in between the<Head> and </Head> tags in your coding and although web crawlers from the larger search engines tend to ignore them, the smaller search engines still do.

To use meta tags in your SEO strategy, they should always be truly relevant to the web site content. Use the same keywords in your meta data that you use in your content, particularly your primary keyword or key phrase. Using meta tags properly and ethically is important, as they have been greatly stigmatized since their abuse in the 1990s.

The above image is of meta tags. These are small snippets of code which help describe your site to search engines. Changes to these minor snipets can and do make a difference to the ranking results of your pages.

If you don't wish to use meta tags with the keyword attribute, they can be used with the description attribute, which the major search engines Bing, Yahoo!, and Google still use. When search engines find meta tags with the description attribute employed, they use this text as the description shown in search engine results. This description is the first glimpse internet surfers get of your content, so it should tell them immediately what the content is about and contain relevant keywords.

Should you choose to employ meta tags with the description attribute, try to keep the description below at 155 plain text characters or less. This will make sure that your description fits within the specified length parameters shown on search engine results pages. If it doesn't, it will show only part of your description, which may turn off some search engine users by limiting how much information they get before they click through.

Another attribute that you should use with meta tags is the "robots" attribute. Certain values used within the robots attribute will tell a search engine crawler whether or not to index a page, not to crawl it, and not to archive a certain page. This can be useful if your web site includes restricted content or archives you don't want included in search engine results.

Meta tags may seem obsolete, but they still have the ability to bring swift and positive change when employed correctly as part of any SEO strategy. The key is using them properly, honestly, and with good attributes.

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